A Christ-Centered Outline of Philippians

Experiencing Christ—Taking Christ as Our Living
Pattern, Goal, Power, and Secret


  1. Introduction (1:1-2)
  2. Living Christ to magnify Him (1:3-30)
    1. Fellowship for the furtherance of the gospel (1:3-18)
    2. Magnifying Christ by living Him (1:19-26)
    3. Striving along with the gospel with one soul (1:27-30)
  3. Taking Christ as the pattern and holding Him forth (2:1-30)
    1. Joined in soul, thinking the one thing (2:1-4)
    2. Taking Christ as the pattern (2:5-11)
    3. Working out our salvation to hold forth Christ (2:12-16)
    4. A drink offering upon the sacrifice of faith (2:17-18)
    5. The apostle’s concern for the believers (2:19-30)
  4. Pursuing Christ to gain Him (3:1-21)
    1. Serving by the Spirit and not trusting in the flesh (3:1-6)
    2. Counting all things loss on account of Christ (3:7-11)
    3. Gaining Christ by pursuing Him (3:12-16)
    4. Awaiting Christ for the transfiguration of the body (3:17-21)
  5. Having Christ as the secret of sufficiency (4:1-20)
    1. Thinking the same thing and rejoicing in the Lord (4:1-4)
    2. Excellent characteristics in living (4:5-9)
    3. The believers’ fellowship with the apostle and the apostle’s secret of sufficiency (4:10-20)
  6. Conclusion (4:21-23)

Subject and Outline by Witness Lee


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