Hebrews 13 Paraphrased

Submitted by: CW

God to His Son’s Bride,
If you experience difficulties, pain, shame or  humiliation because of me, ”I’ve got you covered” said God .  Remember, Jesus is your Helper. You should not fear.  What can mortal man do to you?  (Ps 118:6.)  Remember, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Remember, I am your Father and I am doing everything possible to make you complete in every good work to do My will, working in you what is well pleasing in My sight, through Jesus Christ.  I am  preparing YOU,  Jesus’ Bride for the upcoming marriage celebration.  So hang tight and do not give up.  Remember all who have worked and are working to make sure this wedding celebration goes off without a hitch.  They had suffered humiliation, physical abuse and have gone without many comforts for the sake of Christ and his Bride.  You are their responsibility.  Give them a reason to rejoice when they are asked to give an account of their conduct. 
Jesus to His Bride,
My Beloved, you are so beautiful and precious to Me.  I have known of your beauty in eternity past.  I have seen what you have done and still I choose you to be My Bride.  I have suffered pain, humiliation and shame to return you to Me, because I LOVE YOU.  I have placed people amoung you to protect and guide you.  They are there to help you remember that you are My Bride.  They suffer much for Me and for you. So do not forget them and treat well.  I am your Groom.  I will protect you, perfect you, and never leave you.  Remember, you are betrothed.  Please, My Beloved, I exhort you: do not defile our marriage bed by sleeping with the world.  Remember, this is not our home.  I am preparing our home as we speak.  While you are waiting for Me, remember how you are to conduct yourselves so that people will know that you are all Mine.  For I am proud of you.  I love and long for you always, your Groom, Jesus.

What new insight does this give you into Hebrews 13?  What would you add?


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