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Cold , crunchy , clean, white ,crisp, quiet, peaceful are the words I would use to describe what it feels and sounds like to be outside when it is snowing.  If you have ever watched it snow, you can see a few of the creative designs of a snowflake.  The snowflake is a very interesting thing created by God to reflect Christ.  Snowflakes are not just frozen rain; that would be called sleet.  They are something more extraordinary.  A snowflake starts out as a small dust or dirt particle floating in the clouds. As the wind moves the dust particle around, water vapor condensates on the particle and starts to form snow/ice crystals. This process continues as more water molecules attach to the crystal and as the ice crystals grow it forms the pattern of the snowflake.  When the dust particle collects enough crystals it becomes too heavy to remain in the cloud and it begins to fall to earth.  The shape and size of a snowflake depends on the temperature and humidity. Snowflakes take on simple shapes when the humidity is low and more complex shapes as the humidity increases.  You will see some of the most beautiful snowflakes when the humidity is high and the temperature is between 15 and -15 degrees F.  Snowflakes are white in color because they have so many light-reflecting surfaces that they scatter the light into all of its colors, so snow appears white.  It has to do with how the brain perceives the light into the color.

When reflecting upon this you can see how Christ and our relationship to Him and others are formed.  We are the particle of dirt flying around.  Christ is the water vapor and the Holy Spirit is the wind that helps guide us into becoming a unique expression of Christ.  Christ attaches Himself to us and begins to grow and as we are moved around in life, with the aid of the wind, you begin to see more of the crystal form, Christ, than the particle of dirt, us.

When you see snow falling, you can see the different shapes and designs that are created by the different elements of weather that are present. A snowflake needs more humidity, which is essentially water, to become a more complex design.  Christ is our living water.   All snowflakes, us, are beautiful, whether simple or complex because we reflect Christ.  But, depending on how much water we chose to take in, we can remain as a simple snowflake or we choose to experience the fullness of Christ, and allow ourselves to be put under the right conditions to be formed into something more complex and beautiful. When we allow Christ to renew our minds and we accept who we are in Christ we become a more complex creation.  Since Christ is in us and us in Him, and through our trials and relationships with others, each snowflake becomes a unique expression of Him. For it is said that no two snowflakes are alike.   We retain our personality but we allow Christ to be who He is in and through us, this is what creates that matchless expression.

Snowflakes are also sticky when the humidity is high.  They tend to stick to other snowflakes as they fall to the ground.  You can pack it together to form things such as a snowball or a snowman. Every one of us is a unique expression and when we allow ourselves to be forged together we become His body, which is an expression of Him here on earth.  Also when all the snowflakes are on the ground they create a sea of white.  Snowflakes are white in color because they have so many light-reflecting surfaces that they scatter the light into all of its colors, so snow appears white.  When we live out our lives together in Christ, all God and others can see is white, a reflection of our Christ.


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