Beholding Christ in Psalm 23 (a paraphrase)

Christ Our Shepherd

Because we have placed our life in Your care, You will always watch after us.  As our Shepherd, You gently lead us into the full reality of life, just as a shepherd leads his sheep into lush pastures, full of food and water that is safe to consume. You pour out Your own life as our food and drink; You build us up when we partake of you, and You express Your life through us.

No matter how difficult this life may be, we know that no evil, not even death, can separate us from Your life because You said you will be with us, and we are comforted when Your life is guiding and transforming us.

Even when I am under the attack of evil forces, Your peaceful life is bubbling inside of me; it fills me up completely, even to overflowing.  Because Your life is inside of us, we are joined with the reality of goodness and unfailing love forever.  And You are building us into a spiritual resting place, where we will be joined together with You forever.


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